2001, A Space Oddity

I'm sorry, but I just had to link this (requires Shockwave):

It's so awful I laughed the entire time it was playing. Smile I've been considering showing this movie to my kids, but I hazard a guess they'll understand it no better than I did the first few times I saw it. (In fact, I almost hate to admit that I didn't understand it until I saw a 2001 parody backed by 2010...what did apes beating up each other with bones have to do with spaceships to the moon? Doh! So, tell me again, exactly who's evolved?)

Nah, the kids won't get it, and probably wouldn't enjoy it. Not enough weaponry. Best to stick to Transformers. They are part of the iPod generation, after all. Smile

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When Legos and "The Matrix" Collide

I've mentioned in this blog that "The Matrix" is one of my favorite movies (others being "The Mummy", "Tremors", and "Twister"). I also have a fondness for Legos, having helped my children assemble many, many kits. Heck, I had them when I was their age, only the kits weren't as cool. Smile

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this (requires Shockwave):


This brilliant piece of stop-action animation was put together by Trevor Boyd and Steve Ilett, who took their own favorite scene from the Matrix and recreated it using Legos, frame by frame. I understand it took them 440 hours. Truly incredible. And I thought I had no spare time. Embarassed

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