I'm Kenn Scribner, an author and consultant specializing in Windows application development, SOAP and Web Services, and distributed application design and implementation. You can find my written works here regarding Windows programming and SOAP-related topics.

After serving a career in the United States Air Force, I left the service to pursue a career in engineering and programming (I have a Master's of Science degree in Computer Engineering). I quickly was drawn to Windows programming as I knew I could design and sell products using just my own PC as the development environment. Of course, this was in 1995 when such things were indeed possible.

So I started Endurasoft in 1997 and began marketing a suite of ActiveX controls I'd written that either mimicked controls I'd used with Silicon Graphics workstations or added functionality I'd seen in other Windows applications that wasn't widely available otherwise. I spent a lot of money and time, neither of which I had, and basically didn't sell many units (what I did sell, I had no bug reports from, so I am gratified in that regard).

So I turned to another goal I'd set for myself, one of writing a book. In fact, I've now authored four books and had a significant hand in two others. I've also reviewed dozens of books prior to their printing and hopefully contributed beneficially there.

I now find myself teaching and consulting for Wintellect. I specialize in Windows distributed application development, smart client technology, XML-based technology, and Microsoft's relatively new .NET initiative, where I write all manner of applications using this very cool technology.

I'd like to get back to product development someday...I've learned a lot about marketing and the business world and will take another stab at it. I also play to write a fictional novel, perhaps even something Tom Clancy-like. :)